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Big Bike Parts Indian & Victory Accessories Hopnel 1900 Saddlebag Liner

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Hopnel™ Saddlebag Liner for the Victory Cross hard bags are made from durable polyurethane backed polyester. These liners will not wear out and will provide excellent weather resistance to protect its contents. The generous 23 3/4" long compartment has a double sided top zipper allowing quick and easy access to its 7" width for packing and unpacking. Its sturdy 2" wide carry handles join together with a leather loop for a secure closure and effortless handling. Fits 2010 and newer hard bags as used on the Victory Cross Road and Cross Country motorcycles. Measures 23 3/4" x 12" x 7".

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Hopnel 1900 Saddlebag Liner - For Victory Cross Model Saddlebags 2010 and Newer
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